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SALON SCIENCE: Words from Dr. John Halal. "Sufate Free Shampoos"

"Most sulfate-free shampoos are formulated with ISETHIONATES, HYDROXYSULTAINES,

SARCOSINATES, and BETAINES instead of sulfates. Although these surfactants are gentler than sulfates, gentle shampoos can be formulated with sulfates IF the sulfates are not the primary surfactant. Some sulfates are GENTLER THAN OTHERS, and other surfactants can be added to reduce irritation and damage to hair and skin.

Remember this: All shampoos "damage" the hair and can strip hair color. So, completely saturating the hair with warm water.. truly "wetting the hair" prior to applying shampoo, is

extremely important! The synthetic dyes used in hair color are water soluble. Pure water is 100 times more alkaline than the hair and skin. Water alone swells the hair an strips color. Hot water is more damaging than warm water.

Lists of product ingredients can be found in Milady's Hair Care and Product Ingredient Dictionary. "

Choosing the best shampoo for your clients is completely your decision. In my own practice, I take extra care to SATURATE the hair with warm water prior to applying shampoo. AND,

when removing color, we rinse until the water runs completely clear before applying shampoo. We lather ONCE. -- really massaging the scalp with the water/shampoo cocktail.

Then, we re-wet the hair about 1/2 again. and continue lathering this "looser" later onto

the scalp.. more massage. .. nape, crown, back of head, face frame and temples. Then,

we RINSE forever,.. again until no "bubbles" appear in the sink. Keep rinsing. Then, squeeze out water thoroughly and towel dry BEFORE applying conditioner to the hair

lengths. Work through gently with the fingers until the hair begins to detangle. Then,

rinse again.. thoroughly. Towel dry as you bring the client to where she will be sitting for

hair drying/styling. Remember: Style and Color SUCCESS.. START at the SINK!.


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