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Several manufacturers offer very effective, very low Ph shampoos intended for use ONLY at the backbar.. when lightener or color are being removed from the hair. These exist

usually at a ph of around 4. They are ACIDIC... so they certainly help neutralize any

residue left at the scalp or in the hair, after an alkaline service. Many lighteners are

at a Ph of around 11. High lift color is generally a ph of 10.3, and most permanent hair

color shades are at around 9.3. ALKALINE.

Using an acidic shampoo will certainly help neautralize this unwelcome alkaline state.

Again, several brands like Milbon (foam), Keune and others offer a shampoo at a ph

of 4. Ask your manufacturer's rep. for their recommendation.

OR. Here's what you can do. Fill an applicator bottle almost to the top.. with water.

Add 2 tablespoons of white vinegar. You have now made "acidic water". When

your client is at the sink. First, rinse her hair with running water. Then, saturate

the hair with the acidic water and massage briefly. Rinse again, quickly. Then

shampoo, condition and rinse. You can be assured that your client's hair is not

longer living in an alkaline state. Scalp comfort and hair strength can be more

easily assured... AND.... your toners and glazes will fade far less. FYI, as we

approach these lighter, brighter months of summer. B!

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I’d like to see an article on ME+ from wella.

Replying to

I will research and get back to you. As I remember, this was MEA with a different molecular configuration which was created to minimize possible irritation. As I mention, I will research. Thank you for being a member here on our page. B

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