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Sarasota Immersion Into Hair Color

I look forward to seeing my attendees at class in Sarasota Monday, ... this coming Monday, Jan. 23nd at Cutting Loose Salon, University Park, Florida. Dress is casual. Bring your phone and a note pad! 10 AM until 5 PM. Questions? Call Elisa at 817-877-7384. B

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I'm packing for my flight to Dallas, and look forward to my IMMERSION INTO HAIR COLOR all day learning session scheduled for MONDAY, FEBRUARY 26th, there in Arlington,l Texas. My program there is almo

Again: Deep Dive: Organic

To date, NO hair color in the permanent color category can be 100 percent 'Organic'. ALL hair color that can lighten natural color as it deposits color MUST contain an alkalizer which activates the

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... Consider engaging color and color care products which offer the ultimate ability to banish unwanted warmth. Expand your color choices from violet. Select BLUE. Why? Because blue is the coolest

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