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SAVE THE DATE: Monday, August 8th 10AM - 5PM HOUSTON, Texas

Summer SIZZLES! Stay cool, comfortable and be IMMERSED in career-enhancing

learning for colorists. EVERYONE is welcome. Enjoy the day.. whether you

are an advanced salon pro or a new graduate.

SAVE! Enjoy reduced tuition prices when you pre-register for class. Event location,

class details and everything you need to know will be posted here on our website

and on our Facebook Group for Salon Colorists: "Conversations with Top Color Professionals by Beth Minardi".

Thank you for being a part of our community: Our mission remains to ELEVATE SALON

HAIR COLOR TO AN ART FORM... and to Save our beautiful business... one seminar

at a time!

PS: What do YOU want to see, explore or discuss in class. Comment here and I will

respond to you.. asap! B

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