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Science and Safety for Career Colorists

I'm happy to share a few ways we can obtain information we might want.. or need at

times. We work with chemicals. And, while most of us are not chemists or M.D.s

or people who work to regulate the cosmetics business, we are often asked for advice.

Here are a few agencies that can help.

FDA Cosmetics Technology Division


The FDA prohibits unsafe products and those that are not truthfully labeled. BUT: The FDA

DOES NOT TEST cosmetic products, and it DOES NOT ENSURE the safety of cosmetics.

Manufacturers are solely responsible for the safety of their products. Should you experience

a serious cosmetic-related problem that cannot be resolved with the manufacture, contact the FDA. Manufacturers are usually very happy to help you.

Lab Safety Supply


An excellent source of safety equipment. Its FUME VAC and FUME EXTRACTOR are first-rate salon ventilation systems. Great to consider when addressing salon safety.

Effects or reactions to IRRITANTS and ALLERGENS are rare. But, they do happen. Listed

here is a list of contact IRRITANTS. Remember, these ingredients do NOT irritate everyone!

Alkanolamines, Ammonia, Ammonium thioglycolate, Hair Lighteners, Hydroxide hair relaxers, Oxidizers and neutralizers, Permanent wave lotions, Peroxides, Soaps, detergents and

shampoo.. and WATER!

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