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Sculpting with Hair Color

Last night, I watched a video about Michelangelo, sharing details about how he created

his famous sculpture, DAVID. I was fortunate to be able to visit that amazing piece, in

person, when Carmine, Christa and I visited Florence, years ago.

When people asked Michelangelo how he was able to create DAVID, he said that the

sculpture was already IN the stone.. and that it was hiding. His job was to reach into

the stone and to find "what was there".

In a way, this compares to what we do ANY TIME we lighten hair.. even slightly. As an

experiment, I've asked a model with virgin brunette hair to model for me. And, I began painting

strands of various sizes and shapes into the hair. I used various mixtures of powder


Powder mixed with water

Powder mixed with five volume developer

Powder mixed with ten volume developer

Powder mixed with twenty volume developer

Powder mixed with forty volume developer.

So, five various formulas. After wrapping the final foil, I decided to process the hair for 25 minutes at room temperature. Doing as Michelangelo explained, I was revealing, (in various ways), what was already "there" in the hair. I had exposed various natural pigments which until a lightener was applied, were hidden underneath the natural, "finished" pigment.

After drying and observing the hair, I was able to see the various underlying pigments which

were revealed. Some very, very subtle.. others quite visible.. much lighter. I followed this

by glazing the entire head with liquid demi 8GN and five volume developer for 20 minutes

under a pre-heated source. The model and I were very happy.

Lesson Learned: We DO sculpt as we color hair. Colors that "lift" and lighteners DO reveal

the underlying pigments that are there... but hidden until they are exposed. This exercise might be something you might demonstrate in class or during a creative evening at your salon. If you do, let me know what you find!

I look forward to seeing YOU in class. August 8th here in Houston. Then, I'm planning to

present my color classes in Palm Beach Gardens and in Chagrin Falls (Cleveland), Ohio.

September and October. I' asking for an "I'm interested" head count. So, if you'd like to join me, please comment here... no obligation. B

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I am one of those HD that even If I get the formula from another helpful HD I wouldn’t use it. Bc for me, I must see with my own eye, touch and feel that fabric. Everyone’s situation is different from one canvas to the next. So many factors R involved! I’m so happy to learn from one another.


Robert Petsche
Robert Petsche

Considering a visit back to Cleveland. What are the tentative dates for your Chagrin Falls class?

Beth Minardi
Beth Minardi

Monday, September 19th. 10 AM -5 PM! Wonderful hearing from you! B


Kim Downs-wright
Kim Downs-wright

I love this post . I have a color correction this Sat . A guest of mine had her hair colored in Florida before she came home for the summer . Her chocolate brown is now flat black . She is 100 % white on top and she’s in her late 50’s . I need to get her back to a nice brunette . What’s your go to formula for something like this ? She also has had a lot of hair loss from having Covid in December . She’s got a lot of regrow now . I need to be xtra careful



I am definitely in for Palm Beach.!!!! Once you post a date I will see what friends would like to join.... Joy Solinski ❤️

Beth Minardi
Beth Minardi

Thx. Joy! I will be in touch with a date. Soon! B



I am still waiting to hear from you!

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