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A very popular part of my IMMERSION INTO HAIR COLOR session happens when each

attendee is given a pre-lightened swatch of human hair, along with a "new" or well-known

shade of color. We each submerge our strand into our given formula, process, and then

rinse, shampoo, condition and dry it. We iron that swatch until smooth and place it on our

prepared wall chart. where we can all see EXACTLY what so many shades produce when

applied to lightened hair. A great way to learn about precisely what a shade can accomplish when depositing new color on lightened, faded or very porous hair.

If you have registered for my Boston (March 28th) or Chicago (April 25th) Immersion into

Color events I know you will enjoy this exercise. I have color for you. BUT, if YOU have

a demi permanent, semi-permanent or color-bearing direct dye or shampoo which you want

to "test', please feel free to bring it to class.

As noted before, please bring 2 gloves, a tint bowl, a tint brush ,a comb and a brush, a towel and some paper towels. And, if you have a smaller travel hair dryer, please bring it.

Remember also, that you can photograph or video any portion of the class you wish. I will

supply handouts, paper and pens.. but please bring your own if you wish.

If you have not yet registered, please do so NOW. Registration Links are up and visible on our Facebook Group Page for Career Colorists (membership is free): Go to Conversations with Top Color Professionals by Beth Minardi and click the link.

Stay tuned for class announcements: Cleveland, Austin, Houston... and more.


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