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"SOFTER" Color - A Reference to TONE rather than to DEPTH

Sometimes we want to create a shade that might be a bit softer (less intense) than the

exact ability a shade might offer. Our first instinct might be to use a shade with the same

tone, but a level or two lighter.. and, sometimes, that works.

As you know, "Heat" or "Hot Roots" can sometimes result on fine hair or on the hair located

closer to the scalp. When I created the now "out of stock" Beth Minardi Signature Shades, I

formulated a "TAN" series for that reason.. and I think other manufacturers may now be aware of that.

When you learn that a brand you are using has formulated some new shades, be sure to

take a look. Rather than purchasing shade after shade of ash, blue, matte, green and "warmth killing" shades.. which you probably already have if yo stock any blue, blue-violet

or silver-based shades... take a look a the new softer warm shades.

I'm seeing 03, (neutral golden), 34 (golden copper) and even a SOFT COPPER or GOLD

collection like 37 or 47 or 74. ... In Evo's Hue Verse Permanent Creme Color collection, a

"soft copper" group of shades has been added to the collection. So the copper is "gentled"

by a tone that offers a soft brownette or soft tan "finish" to the shade. Like other brands

offering this you will note a lovely warm result that is a bit "tempered" with a smoother, less

reflective or "raw" brightness. Of course advanced color professionals have been intermixing

shades to create these results in the past. Their important input has encouraged color

companies to take a look.. and then to begin creating shades like this. So, take a look if

you'd like.

While most of use enjoy learning about color "trend", many of our clients would rather softly

alter their current look..... stay the same... or ignore trend entirely. I'm sure you've seen that

Fall, '22 guides to mich deeper, darker hair.. that includes a RICH warm (although not truly visible) support undertone. SO.. If YOU plan to deepen a client's hair, I recommend that you

use a demi color -- rather than a permanent shade... and that you first "fill" (stain) that hair

with a copper or warm red shade prior to applying your final demi permanent deeper target

shade. This will help avoid that ugly "green/black" cast from resulting from your color service.

The press shares that rich dark.. and (wait for it!!) SHORT "BOB" finishes will be all the

rage as summer turns to autumn.... So, we shall see!

I'm planning SUMMER SCHOOL in Houston, Texas... at an attractive promotional tuition. Stay tuned here on ALLACCESS for registration details. B

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