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Something "New". Something "Easy"

Here's the situation: Your client is blonde. She is either an "all over" blonde or highlighted.

She "turns yellow" between appointments. It is summertime. Let's shampoo her hair

and condition it with a 3 - 5 minute

conditioning toner. We can sell her this as a retail

toner to be used to condition the hair every 3rd or 4th shampoo at home. This is a

great conditioner. and GETS RID OF YELLOW. Do NOT leave it on for more than 5

minutes... or the hair will darken.

Interested: The conditioner is called BLUEBERRY by LOLA. Salon cost is $14.50 OR

you can purchase by packets which are $1.25 per packet.. GREAT for clients traveling.

Lola brand has other great shades.. but for today, let's think about solving the "it's

too yellow" problem in the salon.

Order now or obtain more Lola info by calling Elisa at 817-877-7384..

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