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BEFORE you begin mixing color, have you examined the current level and

tone of your client's ROOT AREA? If not, you may be in for a very unpleasant


NEVER THINK that applying a shade of MODERN, BRIGHT RED hair color

to white hair will create a "soft", "natural-looking", result! The color WILL

COVER the gray.. but because that hair is white.. without pigment the hair

will be VIVIDLY BRIGHT RED... Not what you and the client desires!!!!

When creating a lovely red shade on gray hair, or on hair more than 20 percent

gray INTERMIX the desired red shade with a .0 (NEUTRAL) shade at the

same or similar level as that red shade. 50% gray//50% neutral. 20% gray,

20 percent neutral. 80% gray.. 80 percent neutral. Use 20 volume developer

and process those gray roots for 45 minutes at room temperature!!!!

The color you see in a photo is almost NEVER the color you will achieve when

applying it to YOUR client!!!! The difference between do it yourself hair color

and salon hair color is Y O U! B

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