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At some point, many clients who have been happily coloring their hair to black, realize that

this very dramatic shade no longer works well unless they carry that "drama" into their makeup, clothing and general image they wish to present to the world.

Remember: NOTHING is COOLER or DARKER than BLACK! And, you may have clients

who are covering gray and who wish to transition to a COOL brown.. as the gray is covered.

My "never fail" formula consists of using a demi -permanent CREME formula: 1 part 3ASH

and 1 part 6 NEUTRAL, mixed with 5 volume developer. I process this under heat for 20

minutes, and continue processing for an additional 20 minutes at room temperature.. ROOTS

ONLY! Do NOT bring this formula onto those black hair lengths......

The client will see complete gray coverage and a SLIGHTLY lighter.. less black.. result. Continue using this formula for the next two or three appointments.. ROOTS ONLY. THEN,

on appointment four or five. Use the same shades, but mix 1/2 ounce of 3ASH with 1 1/2 ounces of 6.0 demi permanent creme color. Same processing time. You are on your way

to a lighter "not red" brunette shade.

When there is little or no gray at the root, you might also choose to use permanent hair color ON THE ROOTS ONLY! A level 3 Ash shade of permanent hair color, mixed with 20 volume

developer, and processed for 30 -45 minutes at room temperature, will result in a great

"not black" result.

Bleaching black hair is tricky... you WILL probably create a red toned result.. no matter what

you do. This is FINE.. it the client is OK with red... but unless you are very experienced with

demi-permanent "ash" tint backs.... best to avoid "regret". See you in class! Beth

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