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Several of our community members have already registered for Color College : Advanced Color Laboratory and Study. Monday, July 11th. At Jazba Salon in Bend, Oregon.

Note: Curriculum has been designed to immerse experienced career colorists into a highly participatory day of color exploration. Attendees will be assigned a model and will work with me and their team member. We will all follow a 'color path' outlining our plan, technique and formula choices. An accurate prediction of results will be shared with class members. Our co- hosts: Color expert, Dustin McFarland, and event manager and registrar, Elisa Messick will join us. Lunch, celebratory wine and cheese party and diploma included. Class size is limited to sixteen. We are planning an excursion -- a short and easy hike up into the beautiful local mountains on the day following class. A gorgeous opportunity to celebrate our community and to embrace the colorful beauty around us.

Interested or to register: contact Elisa NOW: 817-877-7384. I look forward to sharing a very special event with you, there in Bend. Beth

Tuitions can be paid via installment. $575 per person.

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I would love love love to attend...isn't July 11th a Thursday?

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