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Private, human conversation really matters. While social media, iMessages, Instagram

and videos are all helpful, many of us continue to enjoy speaking with a HUMAN, one

to one. To that end, I'm offering my colorist friends a FREE, PRIVATE, Telephone

(non-commercial) CHAT for thirty un-interrupted minutes.

I have begun an association with a remarkable brand of hair color which is rather unique. As a person who began "reacting" to color with itching, rashes and burning.. no matter WHAT I

tried, I found fabulous coverage, results and absolutely no "pain" when I began testing

BEAUTY FUSION PHYTO TECH COLOR. Perhaps you have clients who become itchy

or uncomfortable.. yet who continue to demand great, "never fail" color that is earth and human friendly.. and easy to use. Introducing new users to the line is one of the projects

I work on.

OK. I propose: For $99.00 plus shipping, you buy 12 shades of Beauty Fusion color ( price is $7.95 for a three ounce container). Also packed into the box at no charge, is 1- 5 volume developer called OXYMILK, 1- 20 volume OXYMILK developer and 1- Color Booster.

BOOSTER? When you want to change Beauty Fusion from an acidic demi liquid (like SEQ) into a demi plus (like Color Touch or Richesse) or into a permanent shade of color, you add the Color Booster (which is alkaline). The booster raises the ph of Beauty Fusion

so that the brand can create all three types of hair color.. ... And, it does so, beautifully.

So, be introduced to Beauty Fusion at a very low price. Obtain thirty minutes of

color education with me, (on any topic you'd like) at NO CHARGE. I look forward to hearing

your voice.

FYI: Purchase any Beauty Fusion Shade you'd like. Here are a few of my favorites; 12G. 8N, 6N, 6CH (chocolate). 7.44, 6.11 (super ash.. .1 is blue), 9.1l, Special Clear,

4.6, 5.66 (double red). 8Violet, 5N, 5MGV. Of course, feel free to order any shade that

you like.

CALL ELISA MESSICK TO ORDER. 877-877-7384. or email her at Current Beecher/Artego clients can contact their

usual sales person. Thanks for reading this. B

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