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The EVOLUTION of Demi-Liquid Hair Color

BEAUTY FUSION - For the client who shares that she is uncomfortable during.. or after a color service has been performed. Some people (and those who hav a tattoo), can itch,

burn, obtain a rash.. even days after a color retouch. This is a RARE condition.. which I

experience.. regardless of the brand or category I use. I've added all sorts of "no burn"

products to my formulas. ... Including Sweet and Low. Nothing has helped until NOW.

BEAUTY FUSION contains no MEA, PPD, Resorcinol, added alcohols or DEACocamide.

And, the included organic radish and olive oil derivatives protect the scalp and the hair.

Twenty Six of the Sixty Three intermixable shades... intermixable within themselves, deliver

wonderful gray COVERAGE when no "lift" of the still pigmented hair is desired. BEAUTY FUSION is mixed with equal parts of its Five Volume OXYCREME Developer.

The beautiful results and the gray coverage are amazing and long lasting. Apply with

care, applying to those "white" roots. Take fine sections as you apply. Process at room temperature for 30 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly, shampoo the hair and condition.

Beautiful coverage (rather than blending), shine, condition, and COMFORT. While some

individuals are sensitive to EVERYTHING and should not have color applied to their scalp,

I see that we now have a wonderful color option available to those.. (like me!), who report being uncomfortable no matter what we try. BEAUTY FUSION is earth and human friendly. Available in 3 oz liquid bottles at only $7.50 per pc.

If you are interested in trying the shade(s) I think might work best for YOU... I'd love to

help. HOW? Send me an email. Tell me if the majority of your gray coverage clients are

brunette, blonde or red. I'm happy to help you order what might work best for you.. And,

the minimum order consists of only three pieces of BEAUTY FUSION and one Five Volume OXYCREME Developer.

EMAIL ME at". Let me know what you think would work best for your clients. And, if you'd prefer that we speak, I am happy to do so! I'm off to teach in

Cleveland early tomorrow, AM, but will be back home here in Houston, on Tuesday evening.

I look forward to hearing from. you.

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