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The FUTURE of HAIR COLOR .... For Your Consideration

Dear Professional AllAccess Member,

The joy of my professional life remains my ongoing search for The Best, top

performing, and highly comfortable ways salons can offer the finest hair color results

ever, and at a cost they can afford.

This color wheel just keeps turning, and new chemistry coupled with accessing

the finest new dye ingredients keep the "quest for the best" a continued search. I am proud

to share that I have become associated with a brand that performs like no other. ...


Please consider, at no cost and at no obligation, receipt of the new educational literature I

have created for the brand. I did so after extensive testing and salon use. So, every

formula I share bears my "never fail formula" seal of approval.


Creating All Three Color Options colorists need all housed in one single bottle.

*. Gloss. Glaze or Tone in acidic environment

* Demi Plus "no lift" results with wonderful coverage, no fade, and low alkalinity

* Permanent color which both lifts and deposits as it covers gray 100%

All containing NO. PPD, MEA, ALCOHOL or RESORCINOL. Naturally derived

oils and ingredients protect scalp and hair as the product delivers wonderful color.

Beauty Fusion is both Earth and Human friendly. It represents "clean beauty".

To request my new educational literature please contact us. We can't wait to share

our wonderful discovery with you:

*. Call or email Elisa Messick at: 682-246-2641.

* Call or email Damion Devine at 561-252-0544.

*Call or email Beth Minardi at 646-468-9802.

Current ARTEGO users may contact their Artego Sales Representative

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