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As most of us are aware, we are directed by manufacturers to avoid using salon hair color

to cover gray or to adjust the color of the eyebrow. When this directive was issued by the

state of New York years ago, clients became VERY UPSET when we told them we could

not "do" their brows. So! Here is what many of my colorist friends shared with me:

When the colorist walked away after applying the color, the client asked for a tissue.. (or retrieved one from her purse).... When she believed that no one was looking, she

put her index finger into her root area, smooshed a bit of color onto her finger.. and "did"

her own eyebrows! Perhaps you noticed that.

Here's what I learned many years ago as I began my experience in the world of beauty:

Noted makeup guru, Douglas Marvaldi, my mentor, studied painting before attending

beauty school. He told me that the eyebrow has a HUGE effect on how the person's

face is perceived. In fact, 1/3 of the impression made by the facial features is the result

of the shape and color of they eyebrow.

When we see a person who is even a few feet away from us, the eyebrow should not

"disappear".. which happens as we age. Usually, it is the outer corner of the brown that

thins and disappears first. And, in most cases, the brow starts showing signs of graying in

the area near the bridge of the nose.

Of course, the market is flooded with all types of brow makeup right now. And, to help

a person look their best, the brow should be at the same depth or a BIT DEEPER and

COOLER in tone than the hair color. Consider for a moment, the blonde celebrities

and models we see on social media. MOST everyone of them has a brow color which

is NOT pale blonde.... deepest ash blonde looks great. Natural redheads look best when

the brows are a bit browner rather than being a flaming red. AND, just think of all the

celebs (men and women) who have chosen to "go gray".... the BROWS are almost NEVER

gray. Even the women on YouTube channels sharing how to look gorgeous with gray hair..

do NOT have gray brows. And, "silver foxes" like Harrison Ford, Sean Connery, and others

.. do not have GRAY eyebrows. The brow, when correctly groomed and colored, plays

an important part in one's overall appearance.

Do I color my clients' brows: YES. When the brow needs color, and the client WANTS that

gray covered or wishes for the brows to remain visible, we color the brows with CARE.

The eyes are closed and we use a Q Tip or a disposable mascara wand. We then "clean"

any area surrounding the brow, with a clean Q Tip and watch the client CAREFULLY! And,

at the sink, with the head BACK, we first wipe the brow with white coil cotton, and then

re-cleanse the area with damp coil cotton (water), and then with a very, very mild shampoo

solution... then we rinse with cool, clear water on a cotton coil....

Color certainly makes a wonderful difference. I know this application is not approved of

by our industry directors.. but the reality I live in requires that I address this as safely and

as professionally as possible.

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Nov 06, 2021

In California, if state board comes in and a client has color on her eyebrows, it's a $1000 fine!

Beth Minardi
Beth Minardi
Nov 06, 2021
Replying to

Yes! I understand completely and am aware. This situation is the same almost everywhere. So, brow grooming, and recommendation of a flattering brow makeup shade are our "safest" options. All of us have our own type of clients who expect different responses. Thank you for sharing. b


Could not agree with you more. I preach the same all the time. Love this!

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