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Of course, bleached hair is porous.... but porosity "happens" due to a number of

stresses on the hair: Use of permanent hair color, exposure to the sun, exposure

to alkaline services and application of alkaline "body builders" and styling agents in

the hair all create porosity. Porosity is defined as the ability of the hair to hold water.

The more porous the hair, the more water it will hold.

We all know that very long hair... hair below the shoulders... is far more

porous than the "new" hair that recently emerged from the scalp. It has been exposed

to life here on Earth for a very long time!

This is important because when hair is porous.. for any reason, it will absorb and "take"

various types of hair color.. and hold it very, very well. Enter the new category of direct

dyes. This type of color stains the cuticle.. and the newer types stain both the inside and

the outside of the cuticle.. AND they adhere to the outside of the cortex... So they HOLD

for many, many shampoos. This direct deposit can create rich, beautiful tone in the hair.

We tested these in class this Monday in Austin, Texas. Some of our attendees had not yet

used this color category, and were so happily impressed by what application of a direct dye

can create in the hair. Several of the products we used were OVERTONE (which is a thick

conditioning color paste) available in super bright as well as more natural-looking shades,


as well as the PRAVANA DIRECT DYES create this type of color enhancement as well.

So, for any client who needs additional depth and tone in those lighter, more porous areas

of the hair, this color category can bring new color excitement to your salon.

Teaching color in a laboratory environment is such a joy. We all learn about new options that keep our creative juices flowing. B

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