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Thinking About The Future

I think many of us view very 'rare yet available' niche professions when we watch things like YouTube and various streaming venues. Many focus on interviewing clients who can pay for - and who Expect. the 'best of the best' type of personal services. I love these people!!

These services expect not only the task specific to the requested service, but also to an expected level of engagement, care, specialist behavior and knowledge of a curated life style.

Top earning people prefer to employ those who they believe are aware of, and who can discuss: Art, books, film, new product options, news and global situations. No one can be deeply aware of everything in this world, yet being able to converse.. even on a surface level help us connect with these special clients in a special way

I have learned so much from the clients I have had the great fortune to meet. This topic is one I share during my Immersion into Hair Color sessions.... would you like me to present some of these subjects here on our page? If so, please let me know. B.

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