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Topics We Explore During My Color Classes:

People ask me about what they will learn when they attend my all-day Immersion Into

Color sessions with Beth Minardi. Listed here are many (not all) of the subjects we


HOW to gain trust when consulting with a frightened color client.

HOW to formulate color with complete success

HOW to Cover, Enhance or Minimize Gray hair with complete confidence.

HOW to bleach hair with safety and with beautiful results

HOW to apply color bleach and dimensional tones using new/effective techniques

HOW to choose and apply toner to pre-lightened hair with "never fail" efficiency

HOW to begin, manage, and successfully complete color corrections

HOW to create BIG color changes.. with complete success

HOW to "Fire" a client who will not allow you to remain "sane".

HOW to interview and develop a junior colorist/assistant

HOW to assure client comfort and happiness "at the sink"

HOW to correctly schedule color appointments

HOW to charge correctly for your color services

HOW to promote your salon/hair color business

HOW to decide the BEST color category for use on your client

HOW to ENCOURAGE retail purchases.

HOW to announce price increases in a successful, acceptable manner

HOW to manage color investment, inventory.

... and so much more. Our interactive session encourages you to share your concerns, and

triumphs, and to record any portion of the class you desire. Next stop: Austin, Texas

Future Events: Cleveland, Ohio, West Palm Beach, Florida, and Houston, Tx. Interested?

Please comment here on AllAccess. B

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Apr 25, 2022

I’m here in Chicago for a class and they told me it is canceled what is going on I don’t have any ema about

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