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TUTORIAL: Healthy Scalp, Healthy Hair: What Shampoo MUST Be Able To Achieve!

We may sometimes overlook, or be unaware of the necessary role scalp health plays with

respect to avoiding Hair Loss or Hair Thinning. Let's see what the chemists tell us:

First: FALSE: Clients think that if they do not wash their hair, the hair will stop falling out.

This is NOT TRUE. The hair they see in the drain, after washing.. had already separated

from the follicle. Washing hair "less often" does NOT slow down hair loss.

A healthy scalp holds 100,000 - 150,000 hairs. So, the act of shampooing.. which takes only a few minutes is equivalent to the cleaning of an entire room!

Human hair has a surface which is uneven, made up of scales (cuticle),with four or five super-imposed layers. Porous hair absorbs debris, pollution and styling products faster.

Many of these contaminates are strongly retentive, and want to hold on to the hair.

While human sebum is a protective lipid which protects and moisturizes the hair, it should

be migrated away from the scalp via scalp massage and regular, gentle brushing with a

100% boar bristle brush. Therapeutic massage of the neck, shoulders and head also

move sebum into the hair lengths and increase important circulation of the blood into the

scalp.. which nourishes the hair follicles.

A scalp "clogged" with dry shampoo, styling pastes and waxes, sebum, and cellular debris,

may look "on trend" or fuller... but the possible trouble here is "what lies beneath".. a scalp

unable to breathe!

CLEAN THE SCALP. CONDITION and TREAT the hair lengths! Remember that sebum holds bacteria and various oxidative breakdown.

Keratin debris from the scalp is transported by sweat, and must be cleansed away.

Atmospheric particles from tobacco, dust and hydrocarbons in the air are

removed via proper cleansing of the scalp. And, the residues from hairdressing products.. gels, sprays, pastes, etc become trapped inside sebum.

Aside from marketing features, great shampoos today have the ability to properly cleanse the scalp and the hair. And, they are able to do this as they also maintain a lower pH.. so that hair is not invaded or swelled in an aggressive manner. In most cases, this important,

health-giving, relaxing treatment, the "salon professional shampoo service", provides The

ESSENTIAL service, supporting hair health, beauty, color-retention and great style. Lathering the hair twice, after the hair is saturated with water, massaging thoroughly, and

rinsing very, very well prior to applying a conditioner or treatment to the hair lengths, will

allow your client's clean scalp to BREATHE.. and the offending debris and materials will

be removed from the scalp.

Stress, poor diet, fatigue, certain medications, hormones, age... all play a part in hair loss.

BUT... remember also that a CLEAN SCALP is a "must" if human hair is to be kept in

optimal condition... Let's keep those follicles healthy, and able to BREATHE.

Next Up: The Physical Properties of Hair Cleansing


I look forward to seeing you in class. Beth

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