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Understanding the Differences

Color Remover Products DIFFER from BASE BREAKER products.

A BASE BREAKER product was designed to lift with control, and to lighten natural

or synthetic color One to one and 1/2 levels if permitted to process at room

temperature for 5 - 10 minutes (depending on density, texture and condition of

the hair. If left on longer (not recommended) they will lighten the hair more, BUT

they do NOT "strip" synthetic dye effectively.

COLOR REMOVERS, however, are much more effective, yet aggressive products.

They were designed to significantly lighten (remove) dark hair color from the hair, and

can bring hair dyed black or very dark, up to a golden- orange or golden stage. These

do "kill" unwanted dark hair dye.. and remove that dark shade from the hair. The general

instructions state a global application to the entire head, and most direct that this application

is NEVER processed with the use of heat.

My own color "remover" is BLEACH! I can bleach selected strands globally, or in foil, and

the action of bleach is NOT as rapid as that of a COLOR REMOVER. Right now, I'm. using

two amazing lighteners.. one is a creme.. and the other is a powder. The price is right, and

the hair is left in good condition. LOVELY LIGHTS BY ARTEGO is the name of the lightener.

If you attend any of my classes, you will see this, and other lighteners in action! B

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