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UPDATE - More Hair Color Learning

JOIN ME for color class during 2024! I've added Discount Tuitions ( early

registration) AND NOW, you can register using three Easy-Pay installment options! So

affording class is easier than ever!

I'm registering colorists via the "Square" payment platform. All YOU do to

REGISTER, or to obtain class details: CALL or TEXT our registrar, Elisa Messick.

She is at 817-877-7384. You are also welcome to text me, anytime, at 646-468-9802.

PLUS, many of you stay up to date with all Beth Minardi Hair Color Information. Join

my Facebook Group Page for Career Colorists. It is FREE, and where thousands

of career colorists from all over the world share their ideas. I post there, daily.

ALL events and hair color information are visible there. JOIN: by visiting CONVERSATIONS


HERE are the confirmed class locations for 2024..... And, there are more to follow:

JANUARY: Sarasota Florida. FEBRUARY: Dallas (Arlington), Texas, MARCH: Bend,

Oregon, APRIL: Chicago, Illinois and Detroit (Birmingham) , Michigan.

Our sessions are 10AM - 5PM IMMERSION EVENTS. You'll see and hear everything

in comfort. Class size is strictly limited to a maximum of 35 attendees. You'll participate

with me, during a "hands on" segment, Explore new color science and chemistry,

Observe important, trend-setting color techniques, and are encouraged to ask any question

you want. Our classes are extremely interactive, chock full of great hair color conversation.

Our program respects your talent, your expertise and your desire to excel. Enjoy

meaningful, supportive and stress-free learning. Diploma and lunch are

included in your non-refundable tuition.

I include numerous brands and categories of color and lighteners. So, regardless of

what you use behind your chair, class will benefit you. And, I will introduce a new

"Earth and Human Friendly" brand: Beauty Fusion Phyto Tech - No PPD, NO MEA,

No alcohol, and No Ammonia. An important option for color sensitive clients who fear color due to discomfort, but who expect great gray coverage, intense shine and beautiful, long-

lasting hair color results. Packaging is bio-degradable.

Obtaining "Hair Color Guru" status should be motivating, enjoyable and deeply informative.

As a passionate hair color expert, I promise that colorists deserve far more than a quick

color overview or "sales pitch". I promise you a wonderful experience and I look forward

to seeing you. Beth

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