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What Would YOU Choose?

When you watch the new film on NETFLIX, "MAY-DECEMBER", featuring Julianne Moore

and Natalie Portman, you'll see Julianne as a blonde! This wonderful actress, known

for her signature copper red hair, appears here in this intense drama, (which I enjoyed watching). If you've seen the movie, I'd like your opinion regarding this very big hair

color change. Do you think Julianne makes a good blonde?

As a hair color expert, I'm sure you might share your opinion about Julianne's color

change to blonde.. I alwaysconsider the "magic" of film.. with wonderful lighting, makeup and

and production value. As I have been fortunate to have witnessed, film wig-makers can create color magic with their expert choice and placement of exquisite custom human hair

wigs. If you watch "MAY-DECEMBER", please consider sharing your thoughts here on


Thinking ahead: If Julianne's hair was professionally blended for the movie, and she decides

to go back to wearing red hair, this color change is really rather easy to do. it requres

a bit of time.... In fact, changing a blonde to red is really rather easy, as we are carefully

deepening the hair; using no-lift demi-permanent hair color.

I would first lowlight the hair with a Demi-plus (demi creme) no-lift color formula. In this

case, I would use 1 1/2 ounces of Beauty Fusion Phyto Tech Hair Color, 5.66, mixed

with 1/2 ounce of Beauty Fusion 7.44, combining the shades with 2 ounces of Five

Volume Oxymilk Developer and 1 teaspoon of Color Booster. The selected strands

should be placed at opposing angles, .. boldly sliced throughout the nape and up

toward the crown of the head. Then, through the crown, wrap a majority of the sections

by weaving... and avoid placing any of the strands adjacent to the face frame.

Process for 30 minutes at room temperature. then, rinse, shampoo and towel dry

the hair very thoroughly.

Step Two: Finish the color change by glazing the entire head... everything... Again, using

Beauty Fusion... but, this time, omitting the alkaline Color Booster. I would mix 1 1/2 ounces

of Beauty Fusion 7.44 with 1/2 ounce of 12.3 (gold) and two ounces of Five volume Oxymilk.

Apply with care.. assuring that each and every strand of the hair is covered. Set a timer

for 16 minutes. Then, hit the hair with water, and massage, forming a loose lather. Continue

rinsing until the water runs clear. Then shampoo lightly, RINSE WELL, and condition. Your

blonde client is now wearing a gorgeous, super-shiny copper red-on-red.

Of course, you might have other great options for creating this. We'd love to see your

your thoughts. The key is.... (my opinion).. avoid the use of permanent hair color;

as we are deepening the hair with control.. with no need to "lift" any pigment from the

hair. All of you have the brand of color you prefer in your dispensary, so I'm sure you can

easily perform this task with the products you stock.

I will note that Beauty Fusion.. is free of MEA, ALCOHOL,PARABENS, and is

able to brilliantly create gorgeous shades as it conditions the hair with brand-

perfect botanical oils which protect the hair and the scalp.


My IMMERSION INTO COLOR sessions scheduled for the new year, feature models

who are requesting color CHANGES like the one I describe here. Perhaps you will join

us.. tickets still available at "early bird" discounted tuition fees. Sarasota, Dallas, Bend,

Chicago and Detroit. For more information or to reserve your space in class, call or

text ELISA MESSICK at 817-877-7384.

PS. I enjoyed this movie VERY MUCH... however, it is intense drama. NOT A COMEDY.

..... I've had the pleasure of retouching and glazing Julianne's hair, at my salon in NYC.

Aside from her great talent, she is beautiful, charming, and a delight to meet. It

was a privilege! .. More later. Beth!

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