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Haircolor artists, like you, are more than a talented individual. You are a business person who reflects the ‘BRAND’ of what you create- not only in the color you deliver, but also in the experience you provide to your clients. Clients are attracted to those who offer the best ways to engage, to connect, and who they feel can relate to them. They hope to bond with you.

‘Branding Yourself’ is an important part of our Immersion Into HairColor sessions. Attendees follow me as they create an important outline, describing ‘who they are’… listing, with my help, things they might never have thought important, but which set them apart as being unique, interesting artists. This is a FUN part of our day… it’s ‘pain free’ and Joyful! We add real ‘sparkle’ to the PERSONA you need to effectively present yourself to both existing and new clients.

In our competitive world, it’s not only WHAT you do.. It’s HOW you do it — and it’s The Tone you set when clients are sitting in your chair. They ask themselves , (perhaps unconsciously), ‘ What do I obtain from this person that I will not experience if I see someone else for this service?”

Presenting oneself effectively is an important part of developing your business. Your skills deserve proper representation. I’m here to help you…. Let’s do this together! B

I this ‘he s’ in my Immersion InHaim

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