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I designed the BEST WEIGHT, BEST DENURE foil for highlighting hair! These

fold easily and DO NOT TEAR. To order, call Lew or Donna at United Beauty

Products in Cedar Grove, NJ. They ship EVERYWHERE. and your perfectly

smooth, blister packed foil will arrive within a few days. 7 by 14 silver foil as

well as 6 by 8 foils (in an array of colors) available in packs of 500.

Give a call. 973-433-0080. Tell them I referred you to them.


The PERFECT, VIRGIN hair swatches I use for testing and for color exercises in my classes

come from John Norris at INTERNATIONAL HAIR IMPORTERS, in Glendale, (part of the Bronx), New

York. These are the swatches color manufacturers use when evaluating color prior to its

going into final production. You can order any level of hair, a percentage of gray in almost

any level, bleached to yellow or to pale yellow or 100% white (which is the most expensive)!

Call John at 718-850-3767.

Best, Beth!

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