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We all work under varying amounts of STRESS! And, often we are looking at the clock, hoping to remain on schedule throughout our busy day. However! In our desire to

sometimes just get "started", we might not pay enough attention to the current color or

condition of the hair we are coloring. Every color result is based upon a careful analysis

of the starting point -- the current color and condition of the hair. Manufacturers provide instruction based on application of color to "virgin hair". So. Let's define what that is:

VIRGIN HAIR has had no previous exposure to synthetic hair color, permanent waves or relaxers (keratin treatments). Virgin Hair has not suffered from overexposure to chlorine, minerals, salt water or sun. Virgin hair is in great condition and is not over-porous. Virgin Hair behaves differently than hair previously treated with chemicals of any kind.

Virgin brown hair will usually result in exposure to warm undertones as it lightens.

Virgin hair, lightened to between a level 4 and a level 7 will transform most easily to red.

Virgin hair level 5 (lightest brown) or lighter, will most successfully lighten to a single process blonde shade if the client's eyes are blue, gray or cool green; and if she remembers having

light (or blonde) hair when she was a child. I look forward to seeing YOU in class.

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