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BEAUTIFYING BRUNETTE As Summer Comes to an End

Very soon, your clients will be looking ahead to cooler weather as Autumn '23

unfolds. I can't tell you how much I look forward to this... Autumn has always

been my favorite season!

MOST hair lengths "suffer" during the summer! And, brunette clients usually

visit us in September with brunette shades in need of missing, balanced tone,

shine.. and a conditioning effect which will close that porous, exposed portion

of the hair's cuticle.

Remember, always, that the most professional, modern, conditioning method of refreshing

faded hair lengths, began during the 1980's when color chemists realized that the traditional

method of color refreshment consisted of "Pulling Through" the root retouch formula, during the last few minutes of color processing, was really NOT the best way to beautify the hair

and to preserve hair condition. The structure/condition of hair LENGTHS differs vastly from

the hair located at the scalp. Treating them with gentle care creates healthier, stronger

and more beautiful hair. For that reason, very fine semi-permanent and, later Demi-

permanent shades were introduced into our salon world.

I'm sure most of you have your absolute FAVORITE Acidic Demi Shades! If so, continue

using them. I also suggest that you think about the new color-bearing conditioners on

the market. Using those at the sink when color is removed, creates a "color-conditioning"

gloss which holds for up to six shampoos. when allowed to process for ten minutes.

IF you are looking for a top performing, little-known, brunette "glazing" option.. An ACIDIC

LIQUID DEMI Brand that contains NO MEA or ALCOHOL, and which is housed in bio-degradable package. Priced at $7.95 for THREE OUNCES! Consider these shades by BEAUTY FUSION. Here are my


To refresh color to a very DEEP, RICH, COOL BRUNETTE: Mix 1 1/2 ounces of 5.8 with

1/2 ounce of 3.0

To refresh color to a "Banish the Brass" SOFT, COOL BRUNETTE, Use 6.11

To refresh color to a SOFT, BALANCED WARM BRUNETTE, use 6.34

OXYMILK DEVELOPER at FIVE VOLUME is mixed in equal parts with BEAUTY FUSION.

I apply formulas to the hair lengths WHILE the retouch formula remains in contact with

the hair.. and apply the refreshing formula to the hair lengths during the last 15 minutes

of processing time. If hair is very long or thick, mist the hair slightly before applying

this refresher.

Again, YOU are the PROFESSIONAL, and know what works best for your clients and for

your business. Comment here if you'd like to tell me the shades that work best for you!

Learning from one another is one of the very best way to engage!

The subject of color balancing is only one of the topics I cover in my IMMERSION INTO

COLOR SESSIONS! I'm off to Jazba Salon in Bend, Oregon, for class on Monday,

September 11th. Three places remain available. Then, Pittsburgh, Pa. (my

home town), on October 16th, Flanders, NJ. on October 30th and Memphis, Tn. on

November 13th. I look forward to seeing you in class.

All of the info here on this page is available to you should you want to inquire. If so,

calll Elisa at 817-877-7384, or Damion at 561-252-0544. Stay Cool! B

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