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BLONDE "MAGIC". Protecting That Delicious Pastel Shade

Well-meaning clients (and colorists) try hard to properly care for pastel shades. And

perhaps THE most popular blonde hair care product for both home and salon use

is "purple shampoo"..... !! BUT! Sometimes a "good thing" can become a "bad thing".

We're seeing new clients visiting our salon whose blonde hair might be in acceptable

condition, but whose hair lengths have no shine, look "dingy" and sometimes reflect a

grayish-silver shade. In an effort to keep their hair from becoming brassy or too golden,

many share that they use a violet or purple shampoo EVERY SINGLE TIME THEY

WASH THEIR HAIR. Hey! Lightened hair is POROUS... so it "grabs' tone from various

shampoos, conditioners, mineral-containing water... and from hair styling products. So,

even hair that's washed almost daily can become stained from various types of build-up.

While we frequently use violet-toned shampoos at the salon, including White Diamond

and Extreme Silver by CELEB Brands, we are careful not to "over do" it. And, we urge

our blonde clients to restrict application of violet or color-carrying treatments to once

every three or four shampoos. Instead, we recommend that they alternately use a gentle, conditioning shampoo like Gold Lust from Oribe, Kerastase new Acide' Shampoo, Milbon's

Reparative Shampoo or another mild, low pH hair cleanser.

And when a blonde "gone dull" visits us, the first part of our appointment is removal of the

offending deposits in her hair. L'Oreal's Metal DeTox shampoo, Redken Pre-Art, Maliu's

Mineral Deposit Removal shampoo and detoxifying packets, and others, provide wonderful

ways to "color correct" this type of situation at the sink. These all effectively remove the

violet, ashy "stain" caused by overdosing application of violet shampoo. The option takes only a few minutes, and the clarification is immediately visible! As we dry the hair prior

to beginning their coloring process, many say, "Wow, my hair already looks better".

We are coloring a living canvas. And, as you know, we obtain the most beautiful results

when we start our work on a "canvas" that is clean! I look forward to seeing you and your

professional friends at my IMMERSION INTO HAIR COLOR CLASSES. Join me at a

spot near you. Boston, Chicago, and Cleveland are next on my list. And, as always, classes

will be posted first, HERE on our website for career colorists: www.BethMinardi-AllAccess.

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A new client stuck in the brass zone. I tried my best to move her from root color to foils but she was just too “afraid” l learned my fundamentals of color from Beth over the years and am happy to share the results of our FIRST appt!

I Look forward to seeing Beth in Boston later this month!

Me gusta
Beth Minardi
Beth Minardi
13 mar 2022
Contestando a

I understand the "I am afraid" client". Sometimes, after they trust us a bit, we need to DO what we need to DO. Brassy single process... Either deepen the hair OR use BLEACH! See you Soon! B

Me gusta

Miembro desconocido
09 mar 2022

Can't wait to see you in Chicago!

Me gusta
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