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Effective, Beautiful, ADVANCED HAIR COLOR -- The Future is NOW!

Like our members here, I continue to be a student of hair color. As many of you know, I

have developed sensitivity to color. So, I apply color to half of my "roots" on one day.

After three or four days, I apply color to the remainder of my roots. This has made any

discomfort I feel much less intense. Not a perfect solution.. but it helps! And, before

you ask, I have used every brand (including my own), every category.. let's just say that

the process has continued. Beginning late last April, I began investigating additional

color science. Please read the technology I'm sharing below:

A brand dermatologically tested for high skin tolerance and certified by the Department

of Chemistry, Biology, and Biotechnology by the University of Perugia

A color formula which is Earth-friendly, as it is 99% bio-degradable.

Contains a coconut-derived surfactant - gentle. eases pigment solubility and diffusion inside

the hair. A NATURAL, Expensive surfactant. Not artificially chemical!

Contains organic thermal spring water which nourishes the hair and protects the scalp

Contains NO: Cocamide, No DEA, No PPD, No Resorcinol, and No ADDED ALCOHOLS

Rich dye load which COVERS Gray -- even when in an acidic state.

Beginning in May, 2022, I began retouching my "roots" with this brand. No itching, No burning, No rash! 100 percent gray coverage, that resists fading, stays "true to tone" and

is shiny.

I almost NEVER.. in fact, I NEVER think colorists should rapidly "switch" from one brand to

another. I do believe that if you have clients who voice concerns about hair color or who

many be sensitive or complain about discomfort; or if you are interested in a demi liquid color that can be

intermixed to create a permanent color shade (lift and deposit).... Three ounces of color at

under $8.00 per piece. Let's talk. A brand called BEAUTY FUSION can create beautiful

new options for your hair color clients. Join me for class and receive your free sample along

with my step-by-step instruction. Email me any time for more information:

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Hi Beth!!!!! How does it differ compared to O&M Cor color?


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