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Here's The List - Join Me for VIP HAIR Color Learning Sessions

Time flies, and events pop up before we know it. Listed here are the locations where I

will begin my Immersion into Color Learning Sessions for Career Colorists during

2024. Class sizes are always limited so that everyone attending enjoys a content-rich,

interesting day.. where they are comfortably seated; and can participate easily, see,

and hear everything. Sessions are are held on Mondays. 10AM until 5PM. For detailed

information and to register, call ELISA at 817-877-7384. SAVE when you register Now.

January 22nd. Sarasota, Florida February 26th, Dallas, Texas. March 11th, Georgia

March 25th, Southport, Ct.

April 8th. Chicago, Illinois April 29th, Detroit, Michigan. June 3rd. Cleveland, Ohio

July 15th, Bend, Oregon

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