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Information About HUE Universe Color

I continue my work as a "color detective". I am not associated with a color

manufacturer, and teach color as a salon artist and technicians" SUBJECT. This post

provides a bit more information about HUE Universe, the new product I am using on

a few of my clients here in NYC.

HUE Universe Permanent Creme Color FLOWS from the tube.. there is no need to

use a color "key' The shades DO offer COMPLETE coverage of gray. The line contains

no PPD, Resorcinol, or ammonia. The line contains a low level of allergen-free fragrance.

Offers less sensitivity, fade-resistant dye load, and is easy to use. One ounce of color

is mixed with 1 1/2 ounces of developer. The color is housed in a 3.5 ounce tube.

HUE also offers a range of intermixable liquid demi shades. I have used many of them, and after losing my own Beth Minardi Signature line of demi liquid, I must say that this is the first

time I am THRILLED with the color, shine and condition these liquid demi shades provide.

While I will be using A VARIETY of hair color categories and brands as I conduct my IMMERSION INTO HAIR COLOR CLASSES throughout the USA, I will, of course, be happy

to demonstrate and to "swatch out" a few of the HUE Universe shades. Just so that my

colorist "pals" can see for themselves. i .is the website you can use if you'd like more product information or a color chart. Danielle is the Vice President of Evo.

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