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Let There Be Light

The subject is an old one.. but it continues to be an important one. Sadly,

no one can create wonderful, accurate hair color results in a poorly lit and/or

improperly painted environment.

Light reflection and juxtaposition influence how we evaluate, formulate and

see hair color. Selecting your color environment is critically important.

Lighting choice is primary! When Carmine Minardi and I owned our salon

in NYC, he worked closely with the test salon designers at Clairol, and later

with expert independent lighting experts. They all agreed:

AVOID Fluorescent lighting! Choose, instead, full-spectrum halogen lighting OR

new LED lighting for your salon.

Walls and ceiling should be WHITE! A black, dark or brightly colored ceiling or wall will

inhibit your ability to see color correctly. And, in far too many cases, your client will

return.... unhappy, after seeing herself in daylight or at home.

Light sources coming down from above should NOT be slammed against the ceiling!

Ask your lighting expert to extend the light on a cord, which reaches about six feet above the client's seated "head area". We call these lights "task lights". They give YOU the finest

level of visibility as you work with your client.

Avoid client discomfort. Listen when they share that they look "horrible" when they see themselves in the mirror. Think about "makeup lighting". Light bulbs or a panel of light extending from the top corner of the mirror, down, vertically to the bottom corner of the mirror. This lighting bounces directly in front of the face and provides a more flattering, far less shadowed appearance.

The investment and planning I'm recommending here help ensure your success as a

true hair color professional. The environment where you work is as important as the products you use.. and ALMOST as important as your talent and experience.

Shine on brightly! Beth

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