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Respect WHO YOU ARE!

As I always share, a happy hair color client is the result of what you create using your HEAD, your HEART, and your HANDS!

As your color skills and confidence increase, you will first "Know". Later you will "Know

How", Then, you will "Know Better" and about how to advise and create THE BEST!

Mastering hair color is a noble skill which requires passion, experience, precision, customization, and attention to detail. It requires that thing called LOVE!

Your decisions must be adapted to the clients benefit and desires.. not often an easy

task. But, with choosing the right words and taking your time, YOU CAN DO THIS!

Remember, always, that YOU make that wonderful difference. Remember to dream Big,

and to always dream in color! Please ask your professional friends to join www.bethminardi-allaccess. They deserve our friendship, support and information. B

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