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New professionals are often so enthusiastic after graduation from cosmetology school.

Many feel that the best thing they can do is to become an independent contractor.. rather

than to assist at a salon, or to attend post-graduate education before going into business.

There is so much to know! Listed here are what I believe to be the BASIC HAIR COLOR

SKILLS a professional needs to know UNLESS they decide to cut, style and texturize hair..

without performing hair color services. Again, these are just the basics. So, if you operate

a salon and are hiring talent, it might be good to learn if these new staff members know

how to do the following:

Be able to look at hair and assess if it has been previously colored or bleached

Be able to define the ten natural levels of hair color

Be able to mix and use the color brand(s) your salon currently stocks

Know how to mix bleach.. both powder and creme based products

Know the basic safety of hair color

Know how to cover gray with control

Know how to use demi permanent as well as permanent hair color

Know how to apply color with bowl and brush or with an applicator bottle

Know how to conduct a strand test for color development assessment

Know how to help a client into a salon cape and towel for color services.

Know how to prevent staining of the skin during application of hair color

Know how to paint on or foil wrap hair into selected strands for highlighting

Know what they DO know how to do.. and what they do NOT know how to do. (Know their limits).

Know how to choose the correct volume of developer for optimal color results

Know how to properly rinse, shampoo and condition hair when color is being removed from the hair.

These are simply a FEW of the basics. I regularly observe that many new colorists have never had the opportunity to mix or to apply color or lightener. They need our help.

If YOU can add to this list, please do so. Your comments are always most welcome. B

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