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Understanding Hair Structure

Color guru, Max Masanno, reminds us of a part of the hair which was most recently discovered, and which is rarely discussed. THE F LAYER

Every strand of human hair attempts to protect itself from breakage.... Nature has provided a layer made up of fatty acids, located at the outermost portion of the cuticle. THE F LAYER. This layer repels moisture and provides shine.

When exposed to high levels of alkalinity or acidity, this F LAYER is destroyed. Our responsibility as salon professionals centers on how we respect the F Layer.. and the integrity of the hair lengths.

Always remember that healthy hair resides at a ph around a Ph of 5.5, slightly acidic. Accompany every shampoo you do, and every chemical service with a top quality conditioning treatment. Never omit this step. And tell your clients that their hair must be conditioned after every 'at home' shampoo to maintain so the health of their hair. B

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