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When we compare professional hair coloring to cooking, it becomes obvious that a

great recipe, (or formula) is only a part of a delicious result. I have lost count of how many times I've been asked "what's the formula?" when I teach color seminars. And, I'm happy

to share a formula (color recipe) BUT.....

Knowing a color formula is just the beginning. And, before explaining the other aspects

attached to hair color artistry. I'll share that while a number of class attendees regularly

want to write down a formula, they usually don't ask a very, very important question:

Here's that important question:

"What was the level and tone of the hair BEFORE you applied that hair color formula?" One

color formula can create hundreds of color results. And, those results are completely

connected to the starting point: The color of the hair to which the formula is applied!

After those important pieces of information have been established, real color artistry

can begin. Attention to detail, manual dexterity, proper technique, development time,

and color "finishing" at the sink are the next considerations that separate the color

"artist" from the person whose work situation does not allow sufficient time and attention

to detail. Or, when, month after month, the same formula is applied to the hair, a timer

is set for a color retouch, and very little or no time is set aside to enhance the hair lengths

via acidic glazing, alteration of depth and/or tone via hair painting or wrapping, or occasional

use of a color-bearing shampoo or conditioner at the sink.

In addition to mastering evaluation and successful formulation, achieving great

success as an artist includes caring about all of that "other stuff". I look forward to seeing

YOU in class very, very soon! Wishing you the Happiest and Most Successful Holiday

Season ahead! B.

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