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Coloring Hair should be Fun, Easy and Profitable. Let me Help You.

Is there anything holding you back from being a FABULOUS colorist? You deserve to be at a point where you can evaluate a client, and then create, correct or dream of any color result without feeling scared that you might fail or that something will go wrong. Feeling that

way is called Color Confidence!

Seeing and hearing just a few color "do's and "don's" can make a massive change in the way you approach hair color. After understanding a few basic rules, and putting them to work,

Your color confidence soars, and suddenly, you've become an expert. Beauty school

can teach you only so much, and their key job is to help you pass the state board exam.

Few of us can afford to attend school for three or four years! That's why studying with a color

expert rather than with a sales representative can make such a wonderful impact on your


In addition to seeing clients at my salon location in New York City, I am teaching hair color various areas around the USA. Or, you can study with me, on line, during my one-on-one

tutoring sessions. I will assess your current level of knowledge and provide you with the exact information you need.

During my all- day sessions called Immersion into Color With Beth Minardi, I listen to the

my attendees questions. Most want to learn new ways to highlight hair, how to

formulate without making mistakes, how to properly select the best color category and

the best shade for the client, how to talk to customers, how to cover gray hair or to

make big changes in a person's color, all while gaining respect and earning a great living.

Attendees can participate as we create a "living" color chart" where we use

a number of various brands and shades on pre-bleached swatches of human hair. And, of course, we address confusion when we share "true facts" about how color really works.

-- what it can and cannot do, and how to professionally share challenging information with the client.

Next Stop: Hanover (Boston Area), Massachusetts. Monday, March 28th


Chicago, Ill., April 25th


Cleveland, Ohio May 2022


Florida (date to be announce)

If these locations are convenient for you, let me know! Or, you know of a location that will comfortably seat 25 salon professionals and our models, please tell me, and I will be in

touch. Best, Beth

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