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WHAT Is ME+. ??

ME+ dye technology, by Wella was created to minimize possible NEW allergy or sensitivity to hair color. It is present in many shades of Wella Kolestone Perfect Hair Color. This ingredient is a scientific development created by the chemists st Wella. Wella educators explain this completely during their brand lesrning sessions.

Be clear: Some individuals can be sensitive to ANY product or ingredient. That is why manufacturers direct that patch tests are performed prior to every application of color! B

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Thank you Beth I love reading and hearing you teach about hair color and new technology your an amazing educator and I would love to hear you talk about new hair color technology. Can you research more about ammonium carbonate in the new new Koleston express by wella. Thank you so much.

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Ron. All 10 minute color has a big job: It needs to penetrate through the cuticle and into the cortex .. rapidly.. in order to do its work which is to lift, deposit and cover gray — all in 10 minutes of processing time. Other brands use ammonium theoglycolate to accomplish this. Wella has created their own unique alkalizing agent to help colorists perform this task. Can I guide you to a Wella educational specialist? I love helping you, but Wella has a great team of top Wella experts who are ready to help. Thx for reaching out. Delighted to count you as one of our members here. B

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